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counterpointeThis shot was taken by Keith Melton, who was assisting me during the shoot. We were shooting model Carlise Lamb at the Preston Mill. The model, an accomplished ballet dancer, framed herself in the doorway, en pointe, barefoot. Ouch! From this, I captured a silhouette that has become one of my most viewed and acclaimed photos, and somewhat of an identifying trademark of mine. It remains one of my favorite images.

Sun Goddess on Moonday

Moonday-Sun-138One of my rare post-processed photos. This was taken at a Moonday at the Fenix Underground in Seattle. I took the original and really brought the colors out in Photoshop.

Moonday was a once-a-month event at the Fenix, on the Monday closest to the full moon. Models and photographers would attend a night of music and photography. Bringing full gear was encouraged, and everyone through the door had to sign a full release. Models came to be seen. Photographers came to shoot them. Everyone pretty-much worked with everyone and it was a glorious time.

And then after hours we would hit the street food vendors and get Seattle dogs (quality sausage, grilled onions and cream cheese on a sourdough bun).

I miss it…